April 2007


Audio files from Randy Stinson’s talks at The Northbrook Conference on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood are now available for free download and listening here.

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0140568123_l1.gifRecently my girls received a great book as a gift from some friends of ours.  It’s called Miss Fannie’s Hat.  If you have little girls (or know of anyone that does) this book would be a great gift for them.  It’s both fun and filled with great lessons on humility, service, and self-lessness.  There are not many children’s books I would recommend (specifically for little girls) but this is one of them.  Order it here.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at these statistics.  But nevertheless, take a look at why churchgoers live longer here and why children who go to church are supposedly better behaved and happier here .

Here’s the first message from the Children Desiring God Conference by John Piper.

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main_headline_image271141.jpgA nearly-completed $27 million museum that will showcase the literal biblical account of creation has been drawing enough criticism to spur several opponents into slating protests against the museum on the day of its opening.  Set to open on Memorial Day, the Creation Museum, built just outside Cincinnati, is trying to give an alternative to evolutionary models of science. Challengers are calling the museum “fantasy,” however, and have expressed fear that their children may be influenced by what the museum teaches.  Read more here.

I hope to go to the museum with my family sometime this summer. Check out the Creation Museum Website here.

Read this post on the power of telling stories from Scripture to our children.


Sadly in some churches today Sunday morning can feel like a big show.  It can be treated like a major televised sporting event.  Check out this hilarious video and spoof on worship here.

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