(Jane Dratz, Christian Post)

Over 1.25 million pre-orders for Halo 3 have been placed globally. The widely-anticipated videogame is expected to blowout previous sales records by selling more copies in the US on its first day of release than any other game or movie in history.  Halo 3 is rated M for mild language and violence.  But love it or hate it, the Halo series has already taken the teen gaming culture by storm.

Halo is all about saving the galaxy from an invading force of aliens. Heroes and villains are locked in an intense battle. In fact, the Master Chief John 117 (the main good-guy hero of the Halo series) has been described as the man who “gave the world faith, gave humanity a future, and made mankind believe again.” Does that have echoes of someone else you know? Someone who is not a fictional character, but a real-world Savior?  (Read more here …