May 2008

This summer I want to get off the couch and get into the lives of others.  So often we view summertime as a coasting time instead of a growing time.  I think this principle applies to most churches as well.  Over the years we’ve been taught that summer is a time to make the best with what we’ve got and prepare for the coming fall.  So instead of planting seeds we pack our bags and wait for August.

I wonder what would happen if we thought differently.  I wonder what would happen if we would simply get off the couch and get into the lives of others this summer.  Here’s 3 simple ways to share your life this summer:

  1. Invest and Invite –> get to know your neighbors and invite them to specific things (i.e. over for dinner on Fri. night, to a baseball game on Saturday, etc.)
  2. Spend time on the Front Porch –> make yourself visible and available to your neighbors; don’t hide in your backyard the whole summer
  3. Pray for your neighborhood –> take regular prayer walks around your neighborhood praying for God to give you a greater burden for those in your community (i.e. pray for God to reveal to you specific needs in your neighborhood, pray for him to grant you favor with your neighbors in building relationships, etc.)

These are just 3 ideas to get you started.  What else can we do to maximize our summer for the glory of God and the good of our neighborhoods?

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(HT: Z)

My friend, Will, recently took a great picture of our family now on my welcome page.

Name: Christopher Michael Caligiuri (Cal) DJ NAME: AKA: DJ REAL

Family: Just me right now.

Where are you at on the map right now: Washington, DC (Taxation Without Representation)  Messed up huh!!! 

Full Time Job/Ministry: The Navigators, Inner-city Nav Rep.

Is this what you thought you’d be doing when you were in college? 

I did see myself doing some type of work with the urban community/disenfranchised or poor; but didn’t know when, quite humbling though! 

What do you dream about doing 10 years from now?   

Straight up, I long to and dream about having a wife and kids and owning a home.  Also, I see myself having worked more through my deeper issues of brokenness and poverty so I can better come alongside others that are deeply injured and wounded.  Isaiah 61:1-4

Favorite UNI Memory: 

First thing that comes to mind was Paul Shepard running down the middle of the street with his shirt off after he lost in a game of invisible football at my sister’s apartment.  I think Chad Simington was the commissioner.  He was great by the way!  That was so funny, people in their cars were cussing at him and stuff!  I am laughing while I type this!  Dang that was too funny!  Definitely all the naked homies out there, you all know who you are; ya’ll trip me out still. 

(Optional) Any other comments or shout-outs to specific people:  

I got mad love for all you UNI youngins and old heads!  Anytime your in DC and need to crash at the crib, holla!  I will give you the real tour of our Nations Capital!  You thought the ‘mall’ downtown was something?  Seriously, call or e-mail me!  or My cell: 202-487-0098. 

Our son, Luke, chilling and enjoying his first Memorial Day

Our girls, Lily and Emie, stop for a quick pic and a big bear hug

Al Mohler reports that “Pittsburgh is becoming a parable of population loss for the rest of the nation … the collapse of birthrates is a sign of huge social and moral transformations.”

My wife and I went to Pittsburgh last weekend to visit some good friends.  Jaime spoke at a Women’s Retreat and I preached on Sunday.  I had never been to Pittsburgh before.  It was quite different than I expected.  I was expecting a dirty city with lots of steel buildings, but the city was really beautiful with the many hills and three rivers coming together.

  • Read Mohler’s previous post on Japan’s population crisis and my brother Mark’s reaction as a missionary in Japan

C.J. Mahaney and his wife Carolyn answer this question:

How do parents engage in gospel-centered parenting with children who are too young to comprehend the message of the gospel?

(HT: Z)

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