Spurgeon and Luther sure did.  Shouldn’t we follow their example?


If I am understood by poor people, by servant girls, by children, I am sure I can be understood by others.  I am ambitious to preach for all people, especially the simple, the rag-tag, the castoffs.  I think nothing greater than to win the hearts of the lowly.

So, too, is it with regard to children.  People occasionally say of such a one, “He is only fit to teach children: he is no preacher.”  I tell you, in God’s sight, he is no preacher who does not care for the children.  There should be at least a part of every sermon and service that will suit the little ones. 

~Taken from Spiritual Parenting, (Whitaker House, 1995):


When I preach I don’t look to the doctors and magistrates of whom there are about forty in this church.  I have an eye to the many young people, children and servants of whom there are more than two thousand.  I preach to these, addressing myself to their needs.  If other people don’t want to listen to this approach then they can always walk out!  An upright, godly and true preacher should direct his preaching to the poor, simple sort of people. 

~ Adapted from Martin Luther, Table Talk (H.G. Bohn, 1857)