I’ve heard it said that sanctification happens in small steps.  So if I desire to grow in my relationship with God and others this year, it matters what I do today.  Interestingly enough, I saw this truth in the Sports Page from a quote by Arizona Cardinals all-pro receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  He said,

I don’t look too far in the future.  I just look at today.  How can I be the best player I can be on Wednesday?   How can I be the best player I can be on Thursday?  If I can continue to chip away like that, then I can be the best player on Sunday.

If you’ve seen Fitzgerald play you know he is an extremely gifted athlete.  But his success is directly related to his willingness to work hard each day.  I want to translate that to my own life in ministry.  All I have is today.  So I want to say with the Apostle Paul,

I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me.  ~ 1 Cor. 15:10b