Great teams always have great leaders.  It’s clear that both the Steelers and the Cardinals possessed great leadership this season.  We all know about their quarterbacks and their coaches, but I never knew about their owners–specifically Dan Rooney of the Steelers.

While most owners are somewhat stand-offish, Rooney is hands-on.  According to this article, he flies on the team charter, eats lunch with his players, and knows them each by name.  He was recently quoted saying:

We don’t care who gets the credit, and all we want to do is win. It’s very important that a team come together, that they develop respect for each other — you can call it love.”

Wow.  We can learn a lot about leadership from this man.  It made me think of a book I just finished called, Tribes, by Seth Godin.  Though it’s a secular book, there are many golden nuggets for those seeking to lead their communities to “win” and succeed as a team.  Godin says,

The first thing a leader can focus on is the act of tightening a tribe.

Great leaders connect people together to form a close community.  Indeed, when a leader cares about it’s community and the community cares for one another, great things can happen.  I think the Pittsburgh Steelers would agree.