Have you ever marveled at the fact that your wife can do so many things at once?  Like make dinner, talk on the phone, help with homework, and feed your little one … all at the same time!  Hopefully you don’t marvel at this too long before getting in there and helping her!  But, isn’t it amazing to stop and think about how God has made our wives with brains that can deal with multiple thoughts and emotions at the same time? 

Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn, in their book, For Men Only, liken this to “having multiple windows open and running on your computer desktop …with some of the open files being weeks old … and annoying little pop-ups keep coming back … and all you can do is to minimize them so you can focus in on the other half-dozen tasks you’r actively juggling.”  They compare this to a man’s brain that most often processes thoughts and emotions sequentially, focusing on one thing at a time.

Here’s one practical example of how this works itself out in real life.  I know there’s been times when Jaime and I have gotten into an argument and then we talked about it and apologized to one another and it was out of my mind.  I could go to work and put the argument out of my mind, but she couldn’t.  She needed more time to talk about it.  And in most cases, I was quick to move on to something else without really getting at the heart of the issue (my pride!).  So that “window,” if you will, couldn’t close in her mind until I took the time to really engage and listen (and confess my pride!).   

I’m not sure if any of us will ever figure out the fabulous female brain, but one thing I can do is to stop and really listen to my wife.  One thing I can do is stop and seek to understand her instead of assuming I know what she’s thinking.  And most importantly, one thing I can do is stop each day and be amazed at the woman God gave to me.