Some thought provoking words about the evil of dish washers from Tim Chester:

1. Despite what all the adverts claim, they don’t wash as well. They mist over glasses and leave a soapy taste on things. We can all tell crockery, mugs and glasses that have been routinely washed in a dish washer.

2. They remove a great opportunity to train your children to serve. Doing the washing up is lesson 101 in serving others.

3. They remove a great opportunity for pastoral care. One person washing while another is drying is a great context for pastoral chats. It’s one-on-one. But you’re doing a task together so it’s not too intense. ‘How are you doing?’ ‘How’s your walk with God?’ Great questions to ask while your filling the washing up bowl. Or how about, ‘You know you wash up like a legalist’!

4. Dish washers guzzle electricity. Not as bad a tumble dryers (another evil and mostly unnecessary household appliance). So reduce global warming – and keep your hands beautiful and soft for free!


Agree/Disagree?  I don’t know about you, but this was one of my household chores as a kid and it not only provided a way to serve the rest of the family, it also opened up time to talk with my mom while she washed and I dried.  Likewise, for the first 6 years of our marriage, Jaime and I never had a dishwasher and we didn’t seem to mind.  But … I think we’re glad we got one now that we have 3 small kids!