My twin brother, Mark, has always been a huge encouragement to me in my faith.  As a missionary in Japan, Mark understands what it means to do hard things in a hard place.  We often talk about the challenges of ministry and how we want to make a difference for the kingdom.  I love his challenge here:

Will you be faithful to your call, even when it seems fruitless?  Are you committed to Jesus and His glory in your ministry, and not towards numbers?  God is in charge of the results as long as we are simply obedient.

I recall my good friend and mentor as a college student, Jim Luebe, saying, “I just want to be a faithful laborer over time.”

That is my goal as well.

  • Read his entire post here

My friend and fellow pastor pointed me to what looks to be a great conference below.  Instead of Going Green … Go Orange! 

What is Orange? (taken from the Conference Website)

The Orange Conference is an opportunity for churches to have their key leaders in a room together being challenged about what it means & what it takes to reach the next generation by…

…equipping parents with kids at every age level to become the primary spiritual leader for their kids – to partner with them so that the one hour the church has with kids each week is multiplied at home.

…creating opportunities for families to invite their neighbors to a relevant and engaging environment at your church – to see what happens to their own faith when they begin investing in those around them.

Why Orange?

Orange is a color that symbolizes INTEGRATION. It’s the brilliant result of a merger between two more traditional influences – red and yellow. Just like something radically new happens when red and yellow come together, there is a different kind of culture that is established when the Church understands the value of a true partnership with the family.

  • Conference Details:  When: 04.29 – 05.01, 2009     Where: Duluth, Georgia
  • For more information:  Check out the Conference Website


Is your church ready to jump in to the New Year?  A recent study by Group Publishing aims to help Christian leaders get the information they need to impact their ministries in 2009.

Some of the study’s finding include:

Check out the website for more information here.

One of our brave secretaries had some fun again this year making it an official holiday tradition.  Check out our pastoral staff’s new dance moves here.

Take a look at Matthias Media’s new evangelistic booklet, The Essential Jesus. It combines the Gospel of Luke followed by a summary of the Gospel’s message incorporating the boxes and format of Two Ways to Live, their popular Gospel tract.

You can download a free PDF copy here.

(HT: Eric S.)

My friend, Matt Perman, recently started his own website called, “What’s Best Next.”  Matt is a sharp thinker, and you’ll benefit from his wisdom on making good decisions in life, work, business, and society.  Particularly, Matt will help you get organized and thereby increase your productivity at work.

Check out his website here.

This year we started a new ministry at our church for 5th and 6th graders called Route 56.  Route 56 is a high energy, pre-youth group experience for 5th and 6th graders.  Small groups, worship, crazy games, service opportunities and biblical teaching are all incorporated to help students live out their faith in Christ by serving others.  Our theme verse is 1 Tim. 4:12 which says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in your faith, love, and purity.”

Last night was our first “Service Station” as the kids served our children’s ministry by cleaning the nursery and a few preschool rooms.  It was exciting to see them serve together with a smile on their faces — even while scrubbing the little toilets! 

My prayer is that these kids would catch a vision for serving others now and that this seed would grow as they grow older.  After we finished cleaning we had some brownies and ice cream and then heard from some of the kids as they spoke about their experience from the “Share Chair”.

Go here to see the pictures and read the comments from these kids.

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