For those who haven’t yet seen this … it’s pretty funny.  Actually I can relate … my wife and I still have bunny ears on top of our T.V.!


Karen Crouse, writing for the New York Times on Michael Phelps’ marijuana pipe:

This is what I find so striking: A man whose chest has been covered with gold medals, has achieved international fame, showered with awards, and blessed with an incomprehensible amount of money, still feels compelled to press his face to a bong.

C.J. Mahaney responds:

It was Augustine who said that the soul is restless until it finds its rest in God. So true. Only God can satisfy the soul. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ provides forgiveness of sin, and therefore it is here in this gospel that we find rest for our restless souls.

Study the unflattering picture of Michael Phelps to be reminded of the deceitfulness of sin and the superficiality of fame and money. But also study the picture to be reminded of the message of Christ and him crucified for restless sinners like you, and me, and Michael Phelps.

  • Read Crouse’s article, Phelps Apologizes for Marijuana Pipe
  • Read Mahaney’s article, Michael Phelp’s Bong

Read the full story here.

(HT: Jonathan D.)

Today as I looked at the Sports Page, I saw that the Louisville men’s basketball team will face Minnesota on Saturday. The funny thing is that I used to live in Minnesota and now Tubby Smith, former Kentucky coach, coaches the Golden Gophers of MN. Suprisingly, they are 9-0 heading into this game with (7-1) Louisville, so it should be a good game.

But here’s the quote from Tubby that made me think. He said, “I tell our guys all the time, ‘Your never as good as you think you are … and your never as bad as you think you are.”

Quite true. Tubby is no theologian, but his words reminded me of another quote by a quy named Jerry (Bridges) who said, “Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God’s grace.”

May Tubby and Jerry’s words humble us today and remind us of the gospel.

Washed Away

This picture was #5 on Time’s Top Ten List of Photos of 2008.  Iowa was ravaged by floods in June. The rising waters carried these boat houses downstream until they collided with a railroad bridge in Cedar Rapids–my hometown.

Every day we take God for granted.  Just think of how many “close calls” we’ve all experienced without even knowing it.  This video brings new meaning to the verse, “not even one sparrow will fall to the ground apart from the will of the Father” (Mt. 10:29).

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