Last week I preached on Our LIFE Together at LBC.  It was Part 3 of a series on the mission of our church.  My particular message was aimed at how we can grow in our relationships with believers.  I spent a little time in John 13:34-35 to show how this passage is the foundation for all the other “one another” passages in the Bible.  From there I challenged our people to be involved in a LIFE class to practically do life together so others may live.

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Jonathan Dodson:

9 Marks is running an interview series with the British, insightful Steve Timmis, co-author of Total Church. Steve’s quotation of David Fairchild regarding the pastoral advantage of dialogical preaching is worth the whole interview:

Extended monologue can cause me to think about the sermon more than I think about the gospel and the people the gospel is for.  If I think of the people, I think about how I’m going to communicate the gospel to them.  If I think of the gospel, I think about how I am going to communicate the gospel to a particular people.  If I think about a sermon, I don’t much think about either of them at worst; at best I think about them as a sort of homiletical box to check.

Too often evangelism is seen as an individual burden instead of a community project.  No one has shown me this truth more clearly than John Dickson.  He is the author of the book, Promoting the Gospel, and speaker at our recent PTG Pastor’s Conference.  Below is the audio titles of his messages with a brief summary of each.  If you long for your church to be a missional community, you would do well to listen to these messages.

One for the Many – Main point: The mission equation of the Bible is “There is one Lord, to whom all people belong and owe their allegiance, and so the people of the Lord must promote this reality everywhere.”  Proclaiming Christ is a reality mission not just a rescue mission.

Silently Seeking the Lost – probably the message I’d recommend the most … good introduction to our self consciousness in reaching out and that there’s a wide range of gospel promoting activities – he hits on prayer and giving here.

The Beautiful Life – this one is probably second … speaking of the unpredictable power of the Christian life lived as a community. You can tell he’s a historian with all his references to the early church and beyond.

Three Dimensions of Evangelism – Some to be evangelists, all to declare his praises, each to give an answer.

The audio itself is not that great … but John’s teaching is excellent and refreshing. I’d love to hear your thoughts. His book, Promoting the Gospel, really influenced me.

Spurgeon and Luther sure did.  Shouldn’t we follow their example?


If I am understood by poor people, by servant girls, by children, I am sure I can be understood by others.  I am ambitious to preach for all people, especially the simple, the rag-tag, the castoffs.  I think nothing greater than to win the hearts of the lowly.

So, too, is it with regard to children.  People occasionally say of such a one, “He is only fit to teach children: he is no preacher.”  I tell you, in God’s sight, he is no preacher who does not care for the children.  There should be at least a part of every sermon and service that will suit the little ones. 

~Taken from Spiritual Parenting, (Whitaker House, 1995):


When I preach I don’t look to the doctors and magistrates of whom there are about forty in this church.  I have an eye to the many young people, children and servants of whom there are more than two thousand.  I preach to these, addressing myself to their needs.  If other people don’t want to listen to this approach then they can always walk out!  An upright, godly and true preacher should direct his preaching to the poor, simple sort of people. 

~ Adapted from Martin Luther, Table Talk (H.G. Bohn, 1857)

This is great!  Piper “models” for us true humility and frugality!

(HT: Brent)

My pastor, Tony Rose, with a much needed word for weary pastors in preparation for our Promoting the Gospel Conference coming in November:

Pastor, who do you tell about the internal realities of your soul?  One of the most dangerous places on earth is the the land of pastoral loneliness.  When you doubt, who do you talk to?  When your hurt, who is your healer?  When your mind is full of thoughts that should have no place in a pastor’s mind, how do you deal with it?

(Read the rest here)

The primary speaker at our conference will be John Dickson from Australia.  We all agree that he is the best we’ve heard on a realistic, biblical, and clear way to do evangelism through the local church.  Tony Rose, and others will help us apply this great gospel to our own souls.  As Tony puts it, “John will help us run with the gospel.  I will help us rest in the gospel.”

  • Check out the Promoting the Gospel Conference website here
  • Read more about John Dickson, our main speaker, here
  • Buy John’s book, Promoting the Gospel here

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